Barney Legends history.

The site was first launched in March 2004 to rapturous applause.

Well that's not exactly true the average hit count for the first 4 months was 2 people a week.
But slowly the word got out and people started visting.

Over the years the visitor count increased and people very kindly started emailing me/lending me pictures to scan to put on the site
(thank you to each and every one of you who made the effort to join in).

An article in the Teesdale Mercury a few years later helped the visitor numbers and also helped my persona as a man of mystery as I wouldn't tell them who I was, well the site does say shhh it's a secret!

It appears that with the advent of social media (facebook etc) that the poor old legends has fallen out of favour but as long as the sites stay solvent they will stay on line, probably long after the muppets have got sick of facebook and the other privacy slurpers. Time will tell.